soldiers of bellevue terrace


April - May 2017

A chance conversation with Kim Cannon down the street was the genesis of this installation. Through her research she had discovered the names and addresses of twelve Bellevue Terrace men who had enrolled in WW1 and two further from WW2; all she lacked was a way to present the information. Further research unearthed the details of a further fourteen WW1 soldiers from the street.  With the permission of the current residents of the houses, Anzac Day 2017 saw cards on the gateposts of all addresses associated with the WW1 soldiers for viewing by the many people returning from the annual dawn service on the nearby Monument Hill.  The window exhibition includes a map, information on each soldier, references and further details for a selection of the soldiers.

Soldiers Of Bellevue Terrace is a collaboration between The 1897 Window Gallery, Kim Cannon and Philip Burns with assistance from Kate Lindsay and Priya Wilson. We thank residents of Bellevue Terrace for joining in!