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Nick Eustance

October 2018 - December 2018

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Moire (also moiré)

Noun             Silk fabric that has been subjected to heat and pressure rollers after weaving to give it a rippled appearance.

Adjective        (Of silk) Having a rippled, lustrous finish; having a pattern of irregular wavy lines like that of moire. 

Origin              Mid-17th century: French moire ‘mohair’ (the original fabric); the variant moiré ‘given a watered appearance’

Oxford Dictionary Online

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The moiré effect is a physical phenomenon of linear optics. The moiré patterns appear as a result of an interaction between transparent layers of a repeated structure. The visual appearance of the moiré patterns depends on characteristics of the structure and on the location of the observer. Even in the simple case of two sets of parallel lines, the patterns look like an added series of repeated stripes, which could look bright, vivid, and may appear unpredictable. There are analytical formulae to calculate the position of fringes in simple cases.